The Best SEO Keyword Research Tool: I Use This

If you have a website that isn’t generating much traffic you may want to consider exactly what you need to get there.

With SEO alone, you can really generate high traffic to your website without even doing PPC or placing your website on social network sites.

If you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and read this article, I will tell you the best SEO keyword tool that I use.

What Are Keywords

Keywords are phrases that people type into search engines like Google.

If someone was searching for how to make an apple pie, the first 10 most popular results will show up in the search engines.

Then someone will click on one of the results to get a recipe on how to make an apple pie.

If someone gives good content then the web owner did their job.

There are times when someone would leave and go to the next results because maybe the article didn’t have the content that the person was looking for, this is why it’s so important to give all the info you can when you find a relevant keyword for your website.

What Causes People To Leave Websites?

I come across a lot of websites that are well written, well designed, and put together quite professionally, however they ask me why they are not generating traffic or revenue.

Don’t worry I’m not going to call anyone out, but when I look at their websites, there are a few things that can be the reason,

  • The website doesn’t have internal linking to relevant articles
  • The website has way too many ads
  • Some of the keywords are not relevant to the article
  • Not enough relevant articles
  • Niche is too broad
  • No CTA

I’ve been down this road as well especially when it comes to relevant articles. With time and experience, you will get better.

As for my writing, Lol, you will find grammatical errors, but I haven’t come across too many people complaining about my writing. If a person can generally read what you’re getting at, that is all they want.

That’s what makes owning a website pretty cool because you can edit and update when needed.

Getting back to the reasons why the ones above are the most common ones that I’ve seen.

If your website has any of these issues I would suggest you take care of them.

Now that you have an idea of what you don’t need to do, let’s look at how you can do to obtain good SEO keywords.

The Best SEO Keyword Tool

I know your gut can help with decisions, however, sometimes you need visuals and data.

I personally use Jaaxy because it’s an easy keyword tool to use. Recently some changes to their appearance were made, however, Jaaxy works like a charm.

I’ve been using Jaaxy for over three years and I haven’t had any complaints. I’ve used their free version and I use their pro version and have been happy with Jaaxy’s results.

I call Jaaxy my virtual office because when I take the time to do keyword research, there are other features that I use that help me find, save, do more research for the keywords that I find throughout Jaaxy.

How Jaaxy Works

What Jaaxy does is give you the answers you need to go for a keyword that you may not be sure about or keywords you haven’t even thought about.

Not only do you get answers, but this service also gives you important data.

What Are These Important Data?

Besides keyword phrases, you will get,

  • Average monthly search results
  • Average monthly traffic
  • QSR
  • KQI
  • SEO

If you don’t know what these mean, I will go over those with you.

Average monthly search results are the exact phrase results that show up in Google on a monthly basis.

Average monthly Traffic is the average traffic you can obtain if you hit the first 10 results within Google.

Don’t get discouraged because Jaaxy also gives you the Average QSR results. This number is the number of websites that are ranking for a particular keyword phrase.

KQI stands for keyword quality index, this result will tell you if a keyword phrase is great, normal, or poor to use.

I normally shoot for great keyword phrases because believe it or not if you take the time to research keywords, you will find keywords that are great.

What SEO does is gives you a number from 1 to 100. The higher the number is the higher the ability you have to rank well within Google.

I’ve found keywords, where there were only 5 QSR’s and the traffic, was over 100 a month.

Jaaxy also shows you results that look like this <10. What this means is that there may keywords under 10 people a month looking for that particular keyword phrase.

I’ve also use keywords that were <10 because other keyword phrases were very hard to rank for. It was for a particular product, so what I did was, and shhh don’t tell anyone.

I used the <10 keyword phrase, the keyword did pertain to the keyword phrase that showed poor results.

What I did and again shhh don’t tell anyone, is wrote a long informed article and waited. That’s all I did and within a couple of months’ time, I hit number 3 for several keyword phrases even number 1, and experience traffic for a particular keyword phrase.

I find Jaaxy to be a powerful tool because of that.

Data and good quality information will help you get there and that is what Jaaxy does.

If You’re Still Not Satisfied With Keyword Phrases You Find

Jaaxy has an alphabet soup results that you can use. All you do is click on Alphabet soup and type in a word or phrase and you will get results for keywords that start or end with the alphabet.

I probably didn’t phrase that right so let me give you an example, let say your niche is about cell phone covers and you’re looking for new keywords.

When you click on the alphabet soup, what you would do is type in cell phone covers, and Jaaxy will pull up all keyword phrases starting in alphabetical order.

I’ve used the alphabet soup tool so many times and found keywords that I haven’t even thought of.

Other Jaaxy Features

Sometimes you see a keyword that you like and want to use that keyword later, Jaaxy gives you the ability to save keywords. All you have to do is save the keyword and pull it up when you’re ready to use it.

If you want to keep tabs on your ranking, Jaaxy gives you the ability to see how well your websites rank in general and for other keywords within your website.

Jaaxy also will give you results within Bing and Yahoo.

All In All

Researching data is what you should be doing. Jaaxy does all the tough stuff for you. How Jaaxy mainly works is by you typing in keywords and Jaaxy gives you the data you need.

Believe it or not, Jaaxy is just not a keyword tool it is a virtual office that helps your website rank well so you can obtain traffic, traffic that can lead to sales.

What is your take about the best SEO keyword research tool, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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