Where To Apply For Jobs Online: Caution Should Be Taken

Lots of people see ads online when they are looking to work from home. When people see a promising opportunity, of course, they are going to want further info.

They may click links to get further details. A lot of jobs recommend that you apply on job boards or LinkedIn. There’s nothing wrong with that if someone you personally know advises you to do that.

However, there are many people who don’t get that recommendation and they are unsure about where to apply for jobs online. In this article, I’m going to show explain why caution should be taken first along with advice on where you should apply.

There Are Many Fake Jobs Online

There are many fake jobs online that gives the impression that you are going to apply for a job when that is not the case at all.

Some of these “jobs” are more in the field of GPT. What GPT means is get paid to do a certain task like complete surveys.

Some of these listings may get compensated when they refer people to these types of sites. So, they get creative and use job boards as a way to get others to join.

Almost all of these types of GPT sites are free to join and the money made is not exactly what they list in their job ad.

We All Know What Jobs Are

You get compensated either weekly, biweekly or monthly for a position that you apply for. You know when you do the job that is required of you, you will get paid in the agreement that you and your employer made when you got hired.

There is no get compensated depending on how much work you put in.

Now, there are real jobs out there that are work at home that may have an agreement where you’re an independent contractor and you get compensated when you agree to take on an assignment and complete it.

This is why it is so important to do your research first before you take on anything online.

Work At Home Jobs.org Is An Example Of Why You Should Do Your Research

I noticed that there was a job listing about a week ago online. Pardon me for not writing about this sooner, I just experienced a loss again in my family and I needed a minute.

Anyway, I want to start with the ad.

wahj listing

As you can see in the image above,

They list that opportunity like a job. It said they are looking for online support in their work from home panelist program.

They also list skills, other requirements, compensation and at the top it says to apply on LinkedIn.

I Went To Apply On LinkedIn

wahj linkedIn

When I went to LinkedIn, the same job listing is listed. So what I did is clicked the apply button. Then a pre-screening questioner appeared.

wahj questions

I answered all the questions to see what happened next.

wahj video

Then a video comes on about applying to Survey Club. Okay, obviously something funky is going with the job listing. Survey Club is one of those sites where you can join to complete surveys.

wahj funnels to survey club

These types of sites really don’t pay as much as the job listing reveals. You can get compensated for completing surveys but it’s going to be around $0.50 to $1.00 spending twenty minutes if you qualify for the survey.

You are going to spend hours chasing full-time money when the possibility of doing that is almost impossible.

Know that, the video they showed where they claim all this money they get compensated a lot of those YouTube videos pretty much say the same thing.

Also, another red flag about that video is that the comments are disabled. People do express their opinions when they watch YouTube videos.

Sometimes people will express what they experienced and when you see comments are disabled, there is a reason.

For me personally, when I see comments disabled, I assume that the video content creator doesn’t want you to read something, Lol.

That leads me to believe that the trust factor of what they are saying may not be exactly what they claim it is.

I Did More Digging

wahj about

I went back to LinkedIn to gather more information about Work At Home Jobs.org. On their profile, it shows about us.

In their profile, it says I’m quoting…!

“Our goal is to help lower unemployment by connecting those in need of work with those in need of talent.”

Sounds great!

However, when I looked at the profile of these employees, none of them had profile pictures.

watj no profile image

Yeah, names are listed, but not one employee that is helping to lower the unemployment by connecting those in need of work isn’t happy to show their image!

I feel that is a good thing and why not show an image of where they are employed.

wahj no website

Also, when I clicked on the link in the above image, it showed that this site could not be reached.

That is a red flag because if you want to know more about what a service is offering, you should be able to get to what they offer.

They’ve been in business since 2003.

I Went To The Way Back Machine

wahj wbm

If you look at the image above, work at home jobs doesn’t show anything about connecting or helping people in need of any kind of job.

It shows find your dream vacation home?

What is so odd is that why would a domain name that is called work at home jobs have listings for..!

  • vacation rentals
  • hotels
  • car rentals
  • airline tickets
  • apartment rentals
  • relocation
  • moving
  • refinance
  • home mortgages
  • home equity loans
  • debt consolidation
  • weight loss
  • health insurance
  • life insurance

This sure isn’t about jobs from home and it seems like some sort of scam is going on in my book.

I wanted to use the work at home job listing as an example because this kind of stuff is quite common these days when people are looking to work from home.

I Too At One Time Was Looking For Work From Home Jobs

Back in the day, there were all sorts of scams out there too. I realized that it was quite tough finding a job from home.

Back then, people were not hiring like they are today, but it still is a tough task.

I learned that doing research first is key. I also learned that jobs from home don’t pay as well as working outside the home.

I realized my best bet is to just make my own way.

This way, I can work when I can and be able to care from my special needs son.

It took work, but this service here showed me how to do it.

It’s my heroic site because they offer so much that helps people actually make money from home.

Where Should I Apply For Work At Home Jobs?

If you find an interesting listing, I suggest your first step is to find the actual website.

There are many job listings that say you can work from home, however, they don’t even have a website!

How strange is that!

Lol, where do you log in on a daily basis to work if there isn’t an actual website!

Anyhow, if you do find a website, scroll to the bottom of that website and find careers or anything pertaining to jobs or hiring.

Now you’re able to read their listings and see if there are actual jobs that coincide with a job listing that was listed in one of those job boards.

If everything is all good, apply on the actual website that is hiring people.

Sometimes job scams will use actual business names to scheme you out of your money.

If you look at my OnPoint Advocacy and Hospira Inc, scammers are there using their business name to do some sort of shady tactics.

All In All

I want you to be safe out there. There are trusted sources out there. Unfortunately, online services get tainted because scammers don’t care.

Their whole agenda is to steal your info, identity or money. At this point in time, it falls on you to be careful.

Sometimes these schemes are not even from the country you are from and it could be very difficult to get the issue resolved.

As you can see with the example I showed, people don’t care. They will use words that sound so touching that grab your emotions.

Trust is based on your research not what they say. You can go to waybackmachine yourself and see for yourself.

Even though I’m a trusted source, I really don’t mind when people take it a step further and do their own research.

That is what I advocate because deception seems to be running the world right now.

If you have any questions or comments about where to apply for jobs online, feel free to let me know below, thanks!

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8 thoughts on “Where To Apply For Jobs Online: Caution Should Be Taken”

  1. Hello Evelyn. Good job on finding another make money online scam. Like you said, deception is running the world and that’s why people are needed to reveal the myriad of scams that exist.

    These people that do scams only count people as money so they don’t care if they hurt anyone or tell deliberate lies just to make money.

    Unfortunately, people fall into the scams because they really need to find an online job from home (tired of the rat race) and the scammers press their buttons like a calculator.

    I hope you can help as many people as possible to avoid the scams. Cheers

    • George, you said a very important statement and that is “press their buttons like a calculator.” It is so true! Thanks for your thoughts and many blessings to you, Evelyn.

  2. This was a great lesson for all people that are looking for ways to make some extra money from home, where and what to look for are key elements to having success. You also have added in some links to better opportunities than the one that you researched for us and used as an example.

    I do know that the number of websites offering pay for completing surveys has jumped over the years, and it stands to reason that some are less than what they appear to be. This appears to be the case with the one you are using as an example.

    As you mention also, this kind of an online job is unlikely to provide much in the way of significant income. The number of surveys that you may qualify for is limited, and the pay you get for spending the 20-30 minutes is not much. Imagine that you followed through with such a site as you are reviewing and finding out at the end your time has been wasted?

    The process that you used to find the red flags was useful for people looking for such sites, and I personally research any online make money from home ‘opportunity’ these days as there is just too much garbage out there. If you do not use some filtering in your search, you likely will be disappointed again and again.

    Thanks for publishing this useful article on where to apply for online jobs, and also pointing some precautions we should be taking while we are searching. I am sure many people will be helped through your effort. We need more sites like this, to help people get on the right track as they get started in their online journey.

    • Hey Dave, well articulated and who wouldn’t take your advice. I know you’ve helped many people in the online world build their businesses in the Internet Marketing field and we need more of you out there. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and keep doing what you do, Evelyn.

  3. See, I’m one of those people who wants to know everything there is about a company, from the company’s origin, to their owner, to even the owner’s/founder’s credentials. Definitely the website, too, and it provides so much more legitimacy if the owners display their actual photos and bios as well. It’s so much better from a credibility standpoint and for a job seeker, they’re much more likely to not only apply and hopefully obtain, but to remain at the job as well. Always research an individual or company before applying, and make it more than just a simple Google search.

    • Hey Todd, I must say that I totally love your advice and I wish lots of people will take it. There is nothing wrong with being thorough. In fact, if we all are thorough in what we do our outcomes will be a lot better. Thanks for sharing your advice, Evelyn.

  4. Wow you did some great digging there, and saved me a bunch of time! I’ve tried several times to make money with those survey sites, and never get anywhere. All I seem to end up with is a whole bunch of spam email, no money, and a big feeling of frustration. Thanks for helping me avoid another one.

    • Hey Emily, I know how you feel because there are many survey sites out there that are a waste of time. The intent of some of these sites are deceiving people and it’s frustrating because your time is your money even if it’s free to join. I’m glad you do your research and I wish you only the best, Evelyn.

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