Wonder Woman Super Strength: Power Of Persistence

I just finished watching the box office hit Wonder Woman.

OMG, I had planned to watch this movie regardless of how busy I am.

I’m a big fan of Wonder Woman and I grew up watching the television series when Linda Carter Played WW.

This movie was way overdue and Patty Jenkins wrote and director Diana’s story and brought it to the big screen.

I had to Google how long the movie was because when I got to my car and looked at the time, hours had passed.

The movie was 2 hours and 21 minutes. For me, it felt like an hour-long movie, that’s how much I enjoyed watching WW.

I’m Not A Movie Critic

I didn’t write this article to rate the movie.

If you’re a Wonder Woman fan like me, you would go watch the movie regardless of what any critic had to say.

Why Am I Writing This Article?

I’m writing this article because when I finished watching what I just saw, it made me want to go out and do something.

There are hardly any women superhero’s out there and once WW came to life, she represented women.

I don’t care what background you come from.

A woman who can kickass with beauty, strength, physical power and loving nature is of greatness.

You can say those powers are what makes WW great, but after watching the film, I loved her persistence.

Her cause of love and her persistence to do right is what got me.

I won’t give away the film if you hadn’t seen it yet, but I will say this, I loved how Patty Jenkins wrote Diana’s story.

I love the fact that she showed a rebellious side to little Diana and how it made her persistent in her adult life.

In my book, a superhero should be able to take command when the time is needed, and in my book that is exactly what the Director delivered.

Don’t Let Me Leave Out The Two Main Characters

Gal Gabot who played Diana, I felt did an excellent job as Diana Prince aka WW.

Chris Pine who played the spy Steve Trevor also did a remarkable job.

You can find out the whole cast here.

Everyone Faces Battles

We all live different lifestyles and face battles that people may or may not relate to.

Taking on that battle is probably the most difficult path to take. We all can sit in our comfort zone and not get it done and comply with what is going on.

Or we can be like Diana and take command of what we feel is right.

If you look at Patty Jenkins’ creation of WW, she took on the battle.

If Patty decided not to create the film, Patty would have missed out on a $103.1 Million Debut.

We’ve Heard The Stories Of Real People Taking On Battles

  • We watch on TV how Olympians take on the sports battle and dedicate their life to obtain Gold Medals.
  • We’ve know stories of people going to war as a career so people like you and me can live the lifestyle that we live today.
  • We come across stories about how men and women save people’s lives on a daily basis.
  • We know that people who just wanted the right to vote, be denied that right, but with persistence change that.
  • We all know about creations that inventors invent so we can live a better quality of life.
  • We know there are Teachers and Coaches in the world help people pursue successful lives.
  • We know about Doctors, Scientist, and Nurses help people overcome diseases and ailments.
  • We heard stories about people starting businesses without a dime to their name change that around with their own persistence.

And the stories go on and on.

I guess you can say, persistence to keep on keeping on is what makes a winning battle.

You’re A Wonder Wonder Woman

When I heard that part of the lyrics of the theme song back in the day, I guess you can say if any man or woman who walked passed a beautiful Amazon woman, it would make you wonder who she is and you don’t know what she’s capable of.

I don’t want to take anything away from WW, however, this could apply to any Woman you pass on the street.

Women come in all shapes and sizes. There are plenty of women in our world who are superheroes in my book.

I saw a story on TV years ago. It was about a woman from Africa.

She was a grandmother who lost all of her children from the AIDS epidemic. This grandmother carries water jugs on her head on a daily basis. She walked miles as a way to earn a living to feed her grandchildren.

I know for a fact that mothers pull an inner strength when it comes to their family especially when a crisis occurs.

Mothers are full of strength and power. Going through childbirth alone is an amazingly powerful experience.

Some women take on the man’s world in the workforce and pull off achievements that didn’t seem possible.

Mothers who are single parents either by choice or not manage to provide for their children daily.

I don’t want to leave out the women who make the decision to rather not be parents and there is nothing wrong with that because it’s your life and your right to write it as you please.

There are women who can’t have children, not by their own choice. I know it’s probably tough but they get through it either by adoption or deciding to fulfill other aspects of their lives.

I believe that women, mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers all can relate to WW in a metaphoric way.

That is what makes Wonder Woman a Wonder.

My Own Cause

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All In All

Superheroes may have beauty, strength, superpowers never age, and will always be there for generations to come.

We live a short time on this earth and time can be our enemy just as it can be our strength.

One common factor no matter what race, education, gender, lifestyle, global placement, career base, or whatever differences as human beings we have, we have this in common, a time frame of 24/7 to make whatever we want to happen.

That’s a gift and we should take it and run with it.

What is your take about Wonder Woman Super Strength, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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