Apple At Home Jobs: They Have Real At Home Jobs

It’s amazing how difficult it is to find good quality work at home jobs.

I know that people out there who would rather avoid the daily commute and be able to shower, shine make a cup of Joe or make a quick commute to their local Bucks, I mean Starbucks Cafe before they begin their job at home.

Let me give you the rundown of Apple’s At Home Advisors job opportunity because this is probably one of the best work at home jobs that I’ve come across online and yes, they have real jobs.

What Positions Are Available?

From what I gathered Apple is hiring for:

  • At-Home Advisors
  • At HomeTeam Managers
  • At Home Area Managers

To give you a quick overview of the positions,

As an At-Home Advisor, your position requires you to answer questions and troubleshoot tech issues.

At home, Team Manager manages At Home Advisors and is able to resolve customer issues.

At Home Area Manager, you’re the home boss meaning, you will supervise and support the Home Team Managers.

What Kind Of Work Environment Do I Need?

You will need a quiet environment along with a desk and ergonomic chair and did I forget the door!

You have to be able to work in a room with a door in case you need to shut that door to keep out the noise.

I know for myself, I have a very loud home and I personally wouldn’t even think about applying for the position because I personally need noise to function.

I do understand the quiet environment though because it is important to be able to hear Apple’s customer’s concerns, to help them resolve their problems.

Even Apple said on their site that work at home isn’t for everyone, but for some of you, being an Apple Advisor is a possibility.

Equipment Required And Perks

I did mention the ergonomic chair and the desk that Apple requires you to have before you even think about going there, you will also need to have high-speed Internet.

Your high-speed Internet needs to be at a minimum of 5 megabits per second download and upload at 1 megabit per second.

Now that we got into what is required that you need to have, there are some perks that you may not even know about.

Okay, most jobs require a certain Windows Edition before you can even apply and scam jobs lie and say, they will send you a check to deposit in your bank account to purchase that computer and turns out it’s a fake check.

If you get hired through Apple, Apple will supply you with an iMac and headset to use for your work at home advisor job.

Apple hires part-time and full-time positions and whether you’re part-time or full-time you get, paid time leaves, benefits package, and Apple product discounts.

Oh, I’m not done yet, I know you’re smiling and excited if you fit the bill thus far,

Apple also supplies you with five to seven weeks of work at home training.

I’m talking about you don’t have to leave or commute somewhere to get trained.

You just turn on that iMac Apple computer that Apple supplied you with, put on that headset, and get to training.

This is a perk to me because when I did seasonal work from home with Yardi, I didn’t get paid training.

Event though Yardi didn’t require a quiet environment which is a perk for me, I had to learn all their requirements and pass a test without pay.

There is one more perk that I didn’t mention, you even get reimbursed for Internet service. Okay, Apple didn’t go into detail about this perk, but if you’re hired, they will go over that with you.

Do I Have To Get Up Early In The Morning, What Are The Hours?

Apple didn’t go over the hours on their site, but I did a little digging and found out that Apple’s hours are from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Central Standard time, 7 days a week.

I’m sure if you are considering part-time or a full-time position with Apple, I’m sure they will go over scheduling hours with you.

I Want To Know About The Money, How Much Does Apple Advisors Get Paid?

Apple really didn’t go over the pay rate, but again I did some digging and learned that Apple pays based on your location.

If you live in an area where the cost of living is a little higher then your hourly wage may be higher than someone who lives where the cost of living is not as high.

From what I gathered though, the pay is a couple of dollars more than minimum wage in your area for At-Home Advisors.

I did discuss perks earlier and didn’t go over the added bonus of not shelling out gas money to commute because as you know especially for people who commute far, gas can be quite an expense depending on how far you commute.

What Type Of Person Does Apple Prefer?

I personally never count myself out when I look for jobs. I look at jobs as a possibility of employment for me.

I know that sounds a little bit self-centered, but I look at positions if it fits me and my lifestyle.

Okay, let me elaborate more, you know you and if you look at Apple’s requirements, if you’re not,

  • self-sufficient
  • a good listener
  • professional
  • friendly speaking voice
  • hardworking
  • able to resolve problems
  • have a little tech experience
  • a quiet area within your home
  • reliable
  • multitask
  • able to work holidays

Then maybe you should look elsewhere. I don’t want to count people out, but like I just said, you know you and you know if you fit the bill or not.

Bad Side Of Being An Advisor

Oh no, am I going to be a Debbie Downer now, Lol. I didn’t find too much bad stuff about Apple’s Advisors position, but I did a little digging again.

You do have to work holidays and sometimes you may have slow seasons and that might be a downer for some because the pay may not be as much during those down seasons.

On a good note though, I also feel that there is nothing wrong with moonlighting a bit if you’re into the work from home lifestyle like me.

That doesn’t mean that you should put work at home Job-like Apple aside, but what I’m talking about is the best of both worlds.

What I’m getting at is, I like the noise and I like to be able to work whenever I want.

Sometimes I’m up at two in the morning working, sometimes I’m working the average hours.

What I’m referring to more is a service that helped me discover other possibilities when I decided to work from home.

You see, I’m a mom and have a child with special needs. I got used to my son’s noise which is music to my ears.

When I was seeking work at home jobs and opportunities, depending on the position, they tend to require that quiet environment and understandably so. This is why I ventured into my own website that you’re reading now.

This doesn’t mean you should count Apple out and if you do get hired, I’m happy for you.

Some of you may be satisfied with only working for Apple, others may want to get into other fields along with working for Apple, and there are people like me who may not fit the bill with Apple. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t.

I started my website because there weren’t too many bills I fit in and that maybe for some of you out there as well.

You may want to check out Yardi, you may also want to give what I do a try too. Either way, there is no pressure.

Okay, I know I didn’t get to the point and went on a little longer than I should, what I was getting at is that you also can venture into building your own website when you’re not working. It’s a great way to earn a living as well.

I’m not done with Apple because I found some cool info that you may want to know about.

Apple’s Diversity

I feel that a company that realizes their diversity within their business is an important factor and says a lot.

I found out about Apple’s diversity inside Apple’s site. They really did a great job explaining their ethics.

One was a video of different Apple Advisors. People spoke different languages and came from many backgrounds.

Another part of their site was data about their diversity and equal pay.

I think that’s something worth mentioning and you can find that all on Apple’s website.

Where Do I Apply

For those of you that fit the bill, you can apply here.

All In All

The perks and being able to work from home sure puts Apple as one of the front-runners of the work at home category of my website. Apple will definitely be a part of my Heroic Sites.

I enjoy letting people know of good quality work at home positions out there. If you fit the bill, by all means, don’t hesitate to apply.

For those of you who may still be looking, you may want to consider Some other options.

Either way, you will be in good hands.

What is your take about Apple at home jobs, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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