Yardi Matrix Job Review: Seasonal Work From Home

I thought I’d write a new review in regards to Yardi Matrix. The reason being is that there were some changes made from the old review I had called Pierce Eislen.

It’s difficult enough trying to find income from home. The last thing I want is for people reading through a review I wrote is to lead people having a difficult time finding where they can apply or other changes made.

It’s great that there is work from home opportunities out there and Yardi Matrix is another place where you can earn money completely from home.

So with that being said, let us get right to it.

Before Yardi Matrix I Did This Through Pierce Eislen

It was a while back when I did the seasonal rental market surveys. I can’t remember how I found out about Pierce Eislen, but when I did and the checks cleared, I was one happy camper that I actually made money completely from home.

The cool part about this particular opportunity is that you don’t need that quiet environment to be able to work.

When I was looking to make money from home, a lot of jobs required that quiet environment which is quite difficult in my home.

Like I said in my Pierce Eislen review, I have a son with special needs so I can not have the door closed. I also have to get up and check on him periodically.

There are times when my son needs something and he will ask, so it’s important that I’m able to juggle with the lifestyle that I have.

This is why I thought Pierce Eislen was a great opportunity for me. I didn’t need that quiet environment and I was able to get stuff done while my son was at school.

Why Did I Stop The Seasonal Survey Opportunity

At one point, my son’s behaviors were out of control. He was transitioning from elementary school to Junior High and the school my son went to wasn’t for him.

No one could get him to go to his new school not even the school staff. When he was at home he was very aggressive.

To make a long story short, after IEP meetings and locating a school that would best fit what is needed for my son, I just didn’t have the time.

I felt that I needed a more flexible way to work from home and that is where I found this service here.

I didn’t have to work at it, but it’s been a blessing in my life and I’m sure it will be for others.

Anyways, getting back to Yardi Matrix, their opportunity may be great for some of you so let’s continue on.

Who Is Yardi Matrix For?

You will have to live in the United States. Anyone who is available to work 8 hours shifts at any given seasons.

The reason being is that there are requirements needed to get completed every week for a season. If you are unable to reach your quota then they will let go.

If so far everything is fitting your needs, then you may find this opportunity right up your alley so keep reading.

What Is Yardi Matrix?

What Yardi Matrix is more or less is a research company. They collect their own data for multi-family, offices and self-storage properties inside the United States.

They collect their own data three times a year through seasonal rental market surveys. Their data, in a nutshell, is collected for economic purposes.

What Does The Work Entail?

If you’re invited, you will call apartments throughout the United States and ask various questions that Yardi Matrix requires for each market.

They will have you input the data you obtain into their database.

How Much Does It Pay?

The pay was different when I was with Pierce Eislen. For each season it lasts approximately 6 weeks. The way they pay now is…!

  • $6 per hour
  • $.50 for every completed market
  • $.30 for every wrong number
  • $.20 for every partially done market
  • $.07 for every answering machine

For your first week, you must complete 40 surveys.

The weeks after it’s 100 surveys

I don’t want the completed surveys to scare you away. It’s really not that hard to complete the requirements. You can easily get 30 completed surveys in one day.

Yardi Matrix Hours

We all live in different parts of the USA. The time frames are within surveyed time zones.

The hours are from 9 AM to 6 PM

If you live on the east coast, you are able to call the west coast because even though it is 6 PM where you live, it’s still 3 PM on the west coast.

As for the west coast, you can start at 6 AM because it will be 9 AM on the east coast.

How Will I Get Paid?

If you’re invited, you will be employed by Select Staffing with a temporary assignment through Yardi Matrix. You will get paid via a debit card that Select Staffing will send you.

Each week Select Staffing will replenish your card for the work you completed weekly.

As for taxes and all that other yuk info, select staffing will take taxes out of your paycheck every week and will send you paycheck stubs.

What Seasons Are They Hiring?

This could change so I suggest you check here periodically and see when they are hiring again.

  • Jan through Feb
  • May through Jun
  • Sept through Oct

Also, for every season you will have to reapply and take the test again.


You do have to pass a test before you’re invited to work. The test is without pay.

The reason why Yardi Matrix and I even had to take a test with Pierce Eislen is that you have to know what you’re doing before you’re invited.

If any of you have done Yardi Matrix’s Surveys or Pierce Eislen before you know what I’m talking about.

They want people who are efficient and successful throughout the seasons. There are questions that you do have to ask and the info in the test supplies you with all the answers.

Think of it this way, you will benefit if you take the time to study and learn how the job works.

Another cool part about Yardi Matrix is that most of us have all the required equipment needed.

Most of us have unlimited phone calls. We don’t live in the dial-up age anymore and most of us have high-speed Internet.

  • 1-year work experience
  • Long Distance Phone
  • High-Speed Internet
  • Resume
  • Valid ID

The Pros And Cons


  • Easy work
  • Work from home
  • Extra pay
  • Easy to get in contact if you have questions
  • No Selling


  • Meet a quota
  • Seasonal work
  • Semi-flexible
  • Reapply

Where Can I Apply?

You can read further details in regards to Yardi Matrix Surveys, Click here!

To get the contact info, Click Here!

All In All

I know how difficult it is to find decent pay from home. Yardi Matrix is another great opportunity for people looking to earn extra money from home.

I’ve done Pierce Eislen and have suggested Yardi Matrix to people who still do it till this day. They told me they enjoy the extra money.

If you’re looking for other places to money from home, don’t hesitate to check out here.

If you have any questions or comments in regards to Yardi Matrix, feel free to let me know below, thanks!

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8 thoughts on “Yardi Matrix Job Review: Seasonal Work From Home”

  1. Thanks for the heads up on Yardi Matrix I must confess before your article I had never heard of them. There are plenty of poor quality survey businesses on the internet, this one at least looks genuine. Having had experience of survey sites in the past I am not sure whether this would be a fit for me. Tell me with your quotas can you do more than your quota to earn more money?

    • Hey Martin, oh Yardi loves it if you can reach more than your quota. In fact, there are bonuses for those who are able to complete more than the required quota. Thanks for asking such a great questions, all the best, Evelyn.

  2. Thanks so much for this information — I know someone who strongly prefers to work from home and this seems like a great solution. In regards to the required non-paid test in order to get started, what can you tell us about it? For example, how long does the test take? Is it over the phone or online? What types of things are candidates tested on?

    Thanks again for this helpful information. Overall, it’s sounds like a great way to make extra money from home.

    • Hey Aly,

      Yeah I feel it’s a great way to make extra money. I have friends who do this seasonal job when they need extra money.

      As for the test, the test comes in a PDF form and when I did it, I had to read information in regards to rental properties. Then after reading the info, they ask you questions about what you read. They ask you questions like what is low income housing as an example.

      The good news is, if you’re unsure about a question you can go back and read the info again to make sure you know the answer.

      The first time I took the test, it took me around three days. I took my time because it was a lot of info to learn and I wanted to know and feel confident about what I was doing. I did pass the test the first time I took the test.

      The way I look at the test it just depends on how well people pick up info. It could take some people a day while others a few days. Once you submitted your answers, they will let you know if you pass or not. If you didn’t, Yardi may give you a second chance that is not a guarantee but if anyone is going to take the test, it’s a good idea to know all the info before submitting your answers.

      I hope I answered your questions, all the best, Evelyn.

  3. Hi Evelyn,

    This is a very interesting article. I’ve never heard of Yardi Matrix but it seems like a good place to start for someone looking to make a little extra cash from home. It seems like this would be especially good for people in school because you can make your own hours. Just as long as you hit your 8 hours.

    What kind of questions do they typically have you ask the places that you call?


    • Hey Brain, lot’s of college kids get time off and being that Yardi is Seasonal, they can work a 6 to 8 week season and make at least $700 completely from home. The money made may not be substantial, but it is extra cash to help with bills. One person told me they do it for vacation money, I can see the money adding up while not going into debt. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Blessings, Evelyn.

  4. Hi Even though Yardi Matrix is a seasonal survey company the fact that they give you the survey, the onus will be on you to take as much survey during the hours of work as is possible.

    The listed prices are reasonable. The money can add up. While you can attend to your basic at home demand while working for Yardi Matrix. I must ask, did your son understood that you were working for a paycheck while caring for him?


    • Hey Dorcas, My son is moderately autistic and he has no idea about me working for a paycheck. This is why I selected an opportunity that I’m able to work when I can. He is now a young adult now who still needs my care, however he is not as nearly as demanding as he was when he was younger. Thanks for your concern and comment, Blessings, Evelyn.

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