Your Comments: What It Does

I wanted to write this article because I know MyFlexJob scammed so many people.

I also did a little poll to see if people were still thinking about joining MyFlexJob after reading my review.

Your comments and what it does are more potent than you think.

It is why I wanted to do a little dedication to the comments made.

I felt that people’s comments could help people make a decision.

Lots of people openly expressed their thoughts and stories.


Why Did I Add A Poll On My Site?

I was curious to see if people were still going to try MyFlexJob after reading my review or even other reviews out there.

The Results


There were a lot of people who didn’t participate in the poll, but it gave a general idea of what people thought.

I didn’t get big results as you can see, but I’m pretty sure if people do their research, people may save a lot of time and money by trying services that are not what they seem.

I was really happy to see no yeses. The maybes I’m a little concerned about, but the majority of people decided against it.

What Makes People Steer Away From A Scam?

I wrote an article about how info can impact a life, I’m a firm believer in that.

I think what really helped people the most from actually joining MyFlexJob, was the comments that were left by you wonderful people.

The word of mouth is a powerful part of our lives. When people are brave enough to state their opinion, it does make a difference.

Comment Quotes

I thought I’d add some quotes about what people were saying.

Reading other people’s thoughts after reading a review can give you a general idea of what’s really going on or if it’s really worth your time.

I wanted this to be a legitimate job.

An obvious red flag when you read a comment that states, “I wanted it to be legit”.

How can they do this.

This is a big statement because a person wouldn’t make a comment like that unless the person had strong feelings.

I too was duped by this site.

When you see the word duped, then you should have your guard up.


If a comment says no upfront cost, then you find out there is an upfront cost, run! especially if you see someone’s comment typed in all caps. The caps are a clear statement that the person is yelling and is not happy at all in what they experienced.

On a good note, a lot of people were able to get their money back when they purchased MyPCBackup. People will help each other out by expressing how they were able to get their money back.

All the comments I read were great comments as I know people took time out of their schedule to help others. You can read the comments if you’d like right here, MyFlexJob.

Why Is It So Difficult To Find Jobs From Home?

I’ve been there trying to look for legitimate work at home opportunities. When I looked into any service, these were some of the problems I faced,

  • When someone said this company is hiring and I check it out, there would be some sort of waiting list that never ever contacted me.
  • There are home jobs that have requirements that I didn’t meet. Such as Internet speed, the funny thing is, is that I pay for the fastest Internet speed with my Internet provider, so I don’t know how fast they want people’s Internet speed to be.
  • Sometimes it’s just the pay, the pay isn’t high enough to live off of. Yes, it’s extra money and for some, it may be okay as for others it may not.
  • Good paying legit jobs online will get taken up as quickly as they are put out. Especially if it’s a job that doesn’t require phone calls plus you can work any time.

I believe when people found MyFlexJob’s ad, people found their ad to be so appealing because everyone was able to get hired, the pay was pretty good, no phone calls and finally, you can work at any time. The ad made it seem like the answer to our prayers when it turned out to be another dud.

This is why so many scams are placed out there in the online world. I reviewed so many of them. It’s a shame that so many people get taken advantage of.

This is why I just took the route of starting my own online business. I’m glad I did because not only do I get to work from home, be my own boss and work when I want, but I get the chance to help others. It’s a truly amazing feeling to be able to do that.

Will Filing A Complaint Resolve The Problem?

Yes, you can file a complaint, but these scams don’t seem to go away. What I see happens a lot is that new ones seem to appear or rehash their business model.

The best way to fight back is to look for those signs of an online scam. I feel it’s so important to do your research and not buy into these so-called dreams that these services tend to put out in the online world.

The minute you feel deceived is the time to say bye, especially when a service states it’s absolutely free and it turns out it is not.

The word absolutely means what it means. With no qualifications, restrictions, or limitations, Totally FREE!

A good weapon to use is to read the comments of what people experienced with a service. Take the time to read them, a good number of them will give you a general idea if it’s worth your time or not.

All In All

I want you all to be safe out there. I feel it’s time to place some good services out there that people can look into. If you know of any, feel free to let us know.

Just so people know, I will not publish some sort of scam. I’m not into MLM so, if it’s one of those types of business models, just forget about adding it.

We need more positive places where people can go to earn money. So if you know of any please feel free to let us know below. Thanks!

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